Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy Busy Week

We are completely wrapping up everything we have to get done for foster this week. Here's a picture of what this week looks like for us....

Monday: Breakfast on the Go Event (for Apt. Life)
Fire Inspection (Foster process)
Work a full day

Tuesday: Fingerprints appt. for background check (Foster process)
Work a full day
Session 3 Class (Foster process)
Put up flyer's (Apt. Life)

Wednesday: Health Inspection (Foster process)
Work a full day
Welcome visits (Apt. Life)

Thursday: Fire Inspection part 2 (Foster process)
Work a full day
Take pictures of our apt (Foster process)

Friday: Work a full day
Clean like crazy for Home Study! (Foster process)
Flyer (Apt. Life)

Help a co-worker move
Prep for event (Apt. Life)
Sunday: Church
Sammie Event (Apt. Life)

After all of this, next week will be a breeze! It's all the stuff we have to do really early in the morning before work that's going to get to me. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel now so we are motivated to finish strong.

We did some garage saling on Saturday. It was really cold but well worth it. We now have a car seat, a crib, and bottles! I LOVE garage sales! I think if we had a baby tomorrow we'd at least be able to make it a few days before needing to buy things.

Thanks for all your comments you left on the previous post. They all mean a lot to us!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Foster Parents!...Almost

I've been wanting to write about this for MONTHS but I couldn't until I let my work know what was going on.

About 6 months ago we started looking into adopting. We looked at everything available, private domestic, private agency domestic, international, and foster-to-adopt. We met with a couple who heads up Tapestry, an adoption and foster ministry, at Irving Bible Church. They have walked through this process with hundreds of families and are a wealth of information.

For this first adoption we've decided to go the foster route which is by far the most 'risky' and complicated but it's where we feel the Lord wants us right now. The process to be licensed foster parents is rather lengthy and involved a slew of things including lots of paperwork, classes, various inspections, the home study, and a ton of random things (like putting a thermometer in your refrigerator....). Everything will be finished by the 4th and then it will take about a week to get our license in the mail to make us official. At that point, we wait. How long? Only God's knows.

The agency we are working with primarily gets infants from women in prison who deliver while incarcerated. Since our heart is to adopt and not necessarily be a revolving door, we have put a few limitations on what kids we will take. We do not care what about the gender or race, in fact, I've always wanted a 'rainbow' family. It is very possible that in just 2 1/2 short weeks, we could have a baby in our home. Crazy! But then again, it could be months and we are totally willing to wait.

We worked on clearing out our second bedroom several weeks ago to make room for a nursery of sorts. We are only getting the vary basics for now because we have no idea if we are getting a boy or girl or even when we are getting a child. We don't know if the first one we get will actually become adoptable or if we'll have to through several babies. There are so many unknowns so we'll just have to take it one step at a time and trust the Lord big time! Some sweet friends gave us their changing table and stroller. We still need to get a crib, bottles, and a car seat at the minimum before April 10. We will get a call one day and need to pick up the infant that same day so there isn't much wiggle room to collect stuff.

We are thrilled and excited for this new adventure. I start to get a little anxious when I think about all the unknowns. I'm scared to give up a baby after we've had them in our home for 6 months or more. I'm selfishly sad that we can't plan much for this child, pick out nursery colors, have lots of baby showers, experience a birth. But I know the Lord has us going in this direction for a reason and we have longed to be parents for a long time now. Please pray for my heart during this journey. I have no idea what to expect and desire to trust the Lord and rest in Him through it all...whatever may come.

I gave my 2 week notice today. I'll be finished April 10. I've offered to work 1/2 days the following week unless we get a call with a baby. I'll still need to bring in some income during this time so I'm officially getting my cake business up and running. I found a commercial kitchen to work out of and will be getting my food handling licence soon. This means I can actually start charging for my cakes!!! The business name will be 'Cake Me Bakery'. I'm working on a website, logo, and business plan. If you need a cake or know someone who needs one, let me know!!! I've got several to do next month and a couple wedding cakes to do this summer.

I've got more to update you all on soon but this post is already lengthy. I'll let you digest all of this before the rest comes.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Baaack! endometriosis. Yuck. No fun, pain. My last surgery was May '08, less than a year ago. I felt a million times better after that surgery. Virtually pain free for a good 6 months. It was amazing...and apparently, short lived. Granted, the pain is NOWHERE close to what it was pre-surgery #1. I've been slowly feeling it the last couple months. About 2 months ago I woke up in the middle of the night and had what I call an "episode," where the pain is so bad it wakes me up...ask Chase, it takes a LOT to wake me up! Yesterday morning I had another bought of horrible pain and stayed home for 1/2 a day until the strong pain killer kicked in.

A friend told me about a doctor in Tulsa, OK I'm going to check out next week. His name is Dr. Joel Robbins. He's a strong believer who got really frustrated in his early medical career because he had been taught to treat the symptoms, not the root issues. He took some time to study on his own and is now one of the leaders in the naturopathic field. I'll be there for 2 days. The first will be running various tests and the second day he will go over all the results and prescribe a treatment plan. He'll start with changes to my diet and supplements.

All I know is that there is no way I'm going back on the horrible treatments I was on a year ago and I'm not ready to do another surgery. So I'm going to try a different route all together. I hope he can help. It's really getting discouraging.