Thursday, November 26, 2009

Whoaw am I ever thankful!

At the beginning of January someone asked hub and I what were our "goals" for 2009. Hub quickly responded "we want to have a child in our home by the end of the year." At the time this seemed like a lofty goal given our fertility status. At that time we had just begun the foster process but we had no idea what that was going to realistically look like.

Fast forward just 11 months and we not only have one child in our home, but 3! Even more remarkable is that the girls were only suppose to stay with us a very short time and yet we still have them, almost 7 months now. The Psalms says that "children are a blessing from the Lord." We are so blessed to have experienced that blessing this year, not only with 1 child but 3. The countless hours we have poured ourselves into these children we have by far received so much more from them then we've given them.

This year has been by far the most crazy year of my life. It has been a roller coaster to say the least but it has been a thrill to ride. I am so thankful the Lord not only let me ride it, but he was sitting next the entire time. This year isn't even over and so much could still change before we enter the new year, but for now, we are enjoying every moment we can.

For a quick update on all our kids, their status' change all the time. Right now we are literally month-to-month with the girls. They could leave at anytime or they could be with us for quite some time. We'll have the baby for a while still. His adoption status is still unknown and we won't know for a while. We count every day we get with them such a joy and we trust the Lord will comfort us if/when they depart from our home.

My thankful list this year is virtually endless. I am astonished and blown away at what the Lord has let me experience this year.

I blame it on the fancy phone

I could come up with a multitude of excuses for why I haven't blogged in almost 2 months, but the real culprit is my phone. You see, I'd been using the same old phone I had 9 years ago! It was dated to say the least. Every 2 years I would get my free upgrade but in a matter of months, the new phone would die for one reason or another and I would resort back to the trusty proven dinosaur.

In October we were scheduled for yet another upgrade and this time I got the fancy phone that puts the world wide web at the touch of my hands at all times. I have opened my lap top 5 times in the last 2 months because everything I need is on my phone. The lap top is great but when you have 2 little sets of hands that love the lap top it makes it challenging to open it very often. So alas, my facebook status updates have become more frequent but my poor neglected blog is, well, neglected.

I am stealing a great idea from a friend and I'm going to start posting my facebook status updates on the blog once a month. I put a lot of Miss M's quotes on there so this way all of you non-facebookers, can laugh along with the rest of us.