Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy Busy Week

We are completely wrapping up everything we have to get done for foster this week. Here's a picture of what this week looks like for us....

Monday: Breakfast on the Go Event (for Apt. Life)
Fire Inspection (Foster process)
Work a full day

Tuesday: Fingerprints appt. for background check (Foster process)
Work a full day
Session 3 Class (Foster process)
Put up flyer's (Apt. Life)

Wednesday: Health Inspection (Foster process)
Work a full day
Welcome visits (Apt. Life)

Thursday: Fire Inspection part 2 (Foster process)
Work a full day
Take pictures of our apt (Foster process)

Friday: Work a full day
Clean like crazy for Home Study! (Foster process)
Flyer (Apt. Life)

Help a co-worker move
Prep for event (Apt. Life)
Sunday: Church
Sammie Event (Apt. Life)

After all of this, next week will be a breeze! It's all the stuff we have to do really early in the morning before work that's going to get to me. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel now so we are motivated to finish strong.

We did some garage saling on Saturday. It was really cold but well worth it. We now have a car seat, a crib, and bottles! I LOVE garage sales! I think if we had a baby tomorrow we'd at least be able to make it a few days before needing to buy things.

Thanks for all your comments you left on the previous post. They all mean a lot to us!


Monica said...

I know you can handle it. I put you guys on the prayer list in my Bible class. CR...through Watermark? I have a friend doing that...she goes to Watermark. Actually, I know several. Saw the link on your blog.

Mrs. B said...

Fostering . . . what a blessing you will be to some child in need! Woo hoo! Good luck. You will be in our prayers. We want to foster too, but in the state of Arkansas you have to have been married at least 2 years. Thus we are still in the honeymoon stage (after only 9 months of marriage) and will have to wait it out!