Monday, September 7, 2009

Life in the fast lane.

Whew! Has it really been 2.5 weeks since I last posted? Sorry guys. It's getting late and I really need to get some sleep before the baby wakes up for the first shift so I'll give you the low down in bullet points.

-We LOVE being parents of a newborn! I think everything he does is so adorable...even the yucky things. So far things are going pretty well with him. He has had a few rough nights due to a little congestion but last night he seemed to do much better.
-Miss Z is finally sleeping through the night!!! The first 2 nights we had the baby she woke up several times. I thought I was going to go crazy with 2 kids waking up at different times. We experimented with a few things and were finally able to get her to sleep without waking up. Seriously PTL!
-The girls are doing really well adjusting to the new addition. MUCH better then I expected. Miss Z had a few hard moments the first couple days but she has been doing great the last week.
-We no longer have the 2-on-2 advantage. We, as parents, are out numbered. This poses some unique challenges but we're figuring it out as we go.
-Now for the sad news. We found out we were pregnant 2 weeks ago. Four days after celebrating all that the 2 pink lines meant, we found out we were no longer pregnant. I honestly thought that miscarriages would be easier after we had kids in our home, especially a baby. I can now say it is not. Just different. With our other loses, I grieved a dream. I didn't have anything tangible to grieve. After holding a newborn in my arms and watching Miss M and Miss Z grow and change, I know what I've lost. A child. I don't know if that makes sense at all. This pregnancy was a weird one on several accounts but primarily because it was so short. My doc is running a few more tests to see if anything has changed since February. I'm doing pretty well with it all right now. I had a few meltdowns when the bleeding began but the Lord has sustained me through yet another loss.
-We got many comments about how hard newborns are. We braced ourselves for the worst. So far he is way easier then the toddlers. He can't talk back, he can't get into everything, and he doesn't have years of baggage. Maybe it will get harder but for now, we can't complain. Going from no kids to 2 toddlers was a shock to the system, to say the least. Adding 1 more into the mix who sleeps a TON has been an adjustment but nothing like we experienced just 3 short months ago.
-It's really fun being a family of 5. I will be really really sad when we have to go down to a family of 3. Someone is always doing something silly or cute. There is never a dull moment and time seems to slip away into never never land.

That's it for now. I need to start writing down all the funny things Miss M has been saying lately. She has been cracking us up non-stop with the way she phrases things. I'll try and do a post of her latest comments soon.


Sundee said...

Oh, Elizabeth, thank you so much for your post and your honesty. I am so thrilled to be sharing this newborn stage with you and marvel at how well you have loved and transitioned into loving 3 kids so well.
At the same time, my heart aches with you as I am sooo sorry for your loss.


Ashley said...

Elizabeth -

Wow - a lot has gone since you last posted. It was so good seeing you today. You look so great. I'm really sorry to hear about what happened with you once again.

Know that you are inspiring - both you and Chase. Your openness to share all of this and your heart for children is overwhelming to me. Thank you for being so transparent!

I love you and hope to see you soon.


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for your honesty and openness in sharing so much on your blog. I stumbled across your blog several months ago on your Facebook profile (I'm a friend not a stalker... don't worry!) :-) I have to tell you that your posts have been encouraging and inspiring. As a young woman who is going through infertility it has helped to much to follow your updates. People tell me all the time that if we were to adopt/foster we'd never have the love/bond with those kids we would with our own kids. I don't believe it, and it helps to hear from someone who is going through it themselves. Your love and faith are an inspiration to me, and I just wanted to say thanks.

-Praying for you