Monday, October 13, 2008

Root Beer Tasting

Something we've been wanting to do for a while is have a root beer tasting contest. We LOVE root beer! There are so many brands of root beer and we wanted to see which brand we liked best. Honestly, I thought they were all similar. Boy was I wrong! They were all distinctively different.

Chris and Lindsay came over to help us figure out the winner. We had a great time! Great to hang out with friends!

Here are the cast of characters....Parkers (the cheap brand), A&W, IBC, Stewarts, Hansens, Mug, and Barqs. Let's see what happens...

Yep, Chris is smelling the root beer. He was very methodical in his approach.

And the winner is????.....More like winnerS. After much agony and full tummies, we came to different conclusions.

Lindsay's by-far winner is.....

Chase's not-so-clear winner is....
And Chris and my VERY clear winner is.....
There you have it folks. I was really hoping that I would like the cheap brand the best...but alas, I like the most expensive! Stewart's was $6 for 4!!!!!

On a side note, Hansens was the EXTREMELY clear LOSER!!!! Yuck! Blah! Spat!!!! It was HORRIBLE! But I guess that's what you can expect from a diet soda.


Chrys and Mike said...

oh, i cannot believe we weren't invited to this event. we are root beer connoisseurs!

first, did you know that barq's has caffeine in it?? we just learned that recently!

and have you tried braum's root beer? it is my fav! and so cheap!

i do not like A&W or mug - both are too licoricey for me.

we'll have to talk root beer sometime. :)

miss you.


Lori Motl said...

Fascinating! Though I completely disagree on the Barq's...the one root beer I refuse to drink! Was Mug's in there?

Lindsay said...

Hilarious! Thanks so much for such a creative and fun night! We love you guys!

jeff said...

Hopefully, you don't take this as SPAM. If so delete the comment.

I thought you all may be interested in our views in the quest for the best root beer. You all must find and try some Virgil's or Hank's.