Monday, October 13, 2008

Life Update

It always feels like there's a lot going on in our small world. I heard a quote last week that has rung true in our life lately. "God is the God of curve balls." We found out last week that Chase is scheduled to be deployed in April for at least 6 months. The orders will be cut for 12 months but most likely it will just be 6...hopefully. The GREAT news is that it is NOT overseas, he's being deployed to Oklahoma. Yep, you can be deployed in the states. It's complicated but basically his units mission is to run basic training camps in Oklahoma.

We knew that this was coming down the pike so it wasn't a HUGE shocker but reality is starting to set in. I'm so grateful that I won't have to worry about his safety or even figure out time zones when I want to talk to him. I may even be able to see him once in a while during the deployment.

Logistically, a lot will have to be worked out. We are still trying to have a baby so Lord willing, if we are pregnant (and stay pregnant) before he leaves, I'll most likely have a bambino while he is gone. We will also have to figure out something with Apartment Life. It requires 70 hours a month so I will definitely want someone else to help me out with that.

The Lord is in control and I'm SO grateful for that.


Lauren said...

Sorry to hear that Chase is being deployed. But, I'm happy to hear it's right here in the states! I think the hardest part for us was the pre-deployment just have to work on getting into a routine and then staying busy. You'll learn so much about yourself and each other during it. God will see you through and we will be praying for you both! Let me know if you ever need anything or an ear to vent to.

Lori Motl said...

Praise God it's stateside!

grammad said...

Hey this is GREAT! I hadn't heard about Chase's deployment but at least we will know that he is safe!
I will get to see him when I go to Oklahoma next summer. I am excited to see you at Christmas.

purewellspring said...

wow, your blog is so fun! :) I'm sorry to hear about Chase, that's so hard. But I'm glad he'll be safe...and not toooo far away! Oooh, and I'll be praying a baby shows up in the very near future. They are so fun! :)