Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm here, I'm here!

Whew! It's already November! October went by SO quickly. Sorry I haven't updated this in over 2 weeks. I was out of town for a week and when I got home, it was non-stop craziness. I was in the great state of Pennsylvania in small town Mt. Joy deep in the heart of Amish country. It was gorgeous!!! I have some pics that are on my camera that I left at home today. GAiN's (where I work) distribution center is in Mt. Joy and twice a year we do a work project with volunteers. This year we had over 5,000 volunteers who, over the course of 9 working days, helped us process millions of dollars worth of humanitarian aid that will be shipped out to over 30 countries. I'll be doing several posts in the next couple days about my time there.

One of my good friends' mom past away last week. She died of cancer that was diagnosed only 6 short months ago. I saw the family a couple days before she passed. Death always makes me re-evaluate life, my priorities, my relationship with the Lord, my passions. Chase and I were both honored to be apart of the service. My heart breaks for my friend, her brother, and her father who have lost someone so dear. I am so grateful that God, in His infinite sovereignty, made a way for us, who have rejected Him over and over, to have an intimate relationship with Him and ultimately spend an eternity wholly restored to perfect fellowship.

So the election is tomorrow and I didn't get a chance to early vote. Yep, I'll be standing in a long line with the other 73% of procrastinates. I had intended to vote several different times last week but things kept coming up that need immediate attention. Todd, the pastor at Watermark, did a GREAT job with yesterday's sermon regarding the election. You should listen to it before you vote. Click HERE. He presents a lot of history that I had never considered before. Oh, and while your at it, listen to last weeks sermon on Redemption...wholly cow!...I was in tears by the end.

I've never been good at remembering important dates, until this past year. Every time I see a new Doctor I have to download the past years history with dates and all. Dates of surgery's, dates of treatments, dates, dates, dates. Earlier this week I was thinking about some of last years dates and was reminded that one year ago exactly, we found out we were pregnant. We weren't trying, in fact, I had just had my first surgery so we were shocked! A lots happened this past year...kind of daunting to think about. There are so many lessons learned and so many He is in the middle of teaching me. I know now more than ever that the Lord IS in control and His timing is perfect. I can't control when or if we have a biological child, and that is ok. I know He already knows the children He will entrust us with, its just a matter of time...and I will rest in that.

Stay tuned, pictures of PA coming soon!

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