Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Naturopathic doctor update

Last Monday and Tuesday I went to Tulsa OK to see Dr. Joel Robbins who is a Naturopathic doctor. You can read more about why I went here. The results were fascinating but a little overwhelming. His approach to all diseases is drastically different than modern medicine. He is a believer and believes that God created our body to be the ultimate healer but we've hindered our bodies from doing so by putting 'toxins' (processed food) into it. He ran a bunch of tests and determined what vitamins and minerals my body was having a hard time absorbing and did some allergy tests to find out what food I'm allergic to.

My body has a hard time absorbing calcium, magnesium, vit C, all the B complexes, and folic acid. The latter 2 may explain why I keep miscarrying.

I'm allergic to wheat, rice, barley, msg, almonds, sunflowers, hazelnuts, all cow dairy except butter, artificial sweeteners...and I think I'm forgetting something.

My jaw dropped when I read this extensive list. My next question was "what CAN I eat?" I'm on a pretty strict diet and on several supplements. The goal is to get off the supplements within 6 months as my body starts to recognize the minerals and vitamins through food. He will re-test the food allergies in 6 months to see if I can start adding the wheat back in my diet.

I learned a lot while I was at the clinic. The tests were done all day Monday but I had some down time in between so I read a couple of his books. No, I'm not a ridiculously fast reader, the books were just really short. Apparently our body absorbs the most nutrients through juices. Part of my diet includes juicing fruits and veggies twice a day. I'm still getting used to the veggie's not my favorite. But the fruit juice is amazing! We got a nice juicer since we're needing to juice so much.

As you can imagine it's been an interesting week and a half. My sweet hubby had decided to join me on this new diet and is doing much better at the veggie juice than I am. We have to majorly plan ahead now. Like last night we were at our last foster class and I knew they would provide dinner. We had to plan ahead and bring our own with us instead of enjoy the pizza with everyone else. My cloths are already fitting looser and I think I've dropped 3 or 4 pounds. Crazy!

The goal is not to loose weight (although that will be an added perk), it's to get rid of this endo! He really thinks that if my body isn't trying to fight all the toxins I've been putting into for all these years then it will be able to fight the endo. He see's a lot of cancer patients come through and has see huge successes. It's not a quick fix but hopefully it will fix the issue longer than 9 months like a surgery. What do I have to loose besides a few pounds?

Last week was SO tough. We would come home from work and be asleep by 8:30 every night. This week has been MUCH better. We both have a lot more energy and I'm feeling more alert then ever. I'll keep you updated on this new journey. If you have any good veggie juice recipes, PLEASE pass them on!


Griffin and Kami Stroope said...

My dad used to be on a diet that required lots of juicing - his was mainly carrot juice, but it's surprisingly sweet and tastes pretty good. He'd also sneak in spinach or kale with the carrots as they were so sweet that they covered up the taste of the greens. It looked a little funny, but was actually very tasty!

Joel and Amy Elwood said...

Hi Elizabeth! We are praying for you guys with everything going on! I had a friend that was on a similar diet for medical reasons and she used to add a banana to with her veggies. Sounds kind of weird to me, but she seemed to think it made it taste better. Anyway, thought I would pass it along. :)