Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today is my first official day as a stay-at-home-wife and I LOVE it! Well, yesterday was really the first official day but Chase took the day off for his bday so we spent the day in Fort Worth. I know it's hard to believe but neither of has ever been to FW! Chase loves zoo's so I planned a trip to the zoo, a picnic lunch at the botanical gardens, and dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. Side note: there is nothing in cheesecake that is on my diet but I decided to cheat for hubby's bday...bad idea. I didn't feel so hot this morning. I was so tired and groggy. The cheesecake was good but not worth the way I felt this morning. As of last Thursday, I've lost 9 lbs!!! I've been on this diet 4 weeks exactly. I feel so much better and the changes just keep coming.

I've got a lot to do so I won't be bored for quite some time. There is a lot to do when trying to start your own business, even when it's going to be a really small business. I have to get my food handling certificate which requires a 2 day class and test, set up a website, get a logo, create legal documents, get my tax id number...and I'm sure I'm missing a few things. I would like to have everything done as soon as possible so I can start making some mullah. I've got several big cakes on the books for June so I need to be official at the latest by then, Which should happen even if there are a few glitches.

My mother-in-law is visiting us late next week and then my sister comes the week after that. My mother-in-law has only been here for the wedding so I'm excited to show her what our life is like.

All of our foster stuff was sent to Waco today. It got held up in the Dallas office because the director was out sick all last week. So we should now be getting our license sometime next week. I'll let you know when we get it!

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Monica said...

Wow! Stay at home does not equal nothing to do. I hope you get a baby really soon! Lunch soon, I promise.