Sunday, April 26, 2009

Babies Update

Yes, you read correctly, babIES. Plural. I'll start at the beginning. Friday morning we received an email from our director saying that our license was held up in Waco because the state just mandated that one of the classes we took now has to be 8 hours instead of 6. MCH is scrounging to come up with an additional 2 hour class for us asap. Hopefully it will be sometime this week or early next week. As soon as that is finished, our license will be in the mail.

I had to go in to see our director on Friday for a few additional items and while I was there she offerred us a placement. A baby and a toddler sibling group. I can't tell you the exact ages via the Internet so that will at least give you an idea. One is a boy and one is a girl but at that moment she didn't know which was which. She didn't have any more information for us except that she thinks they will be become adoptable and we are the only family at the moment who are available to take adoptable babies. Since we don't have our license yet we obviously can't take them until we have it in hand but since there is no one else to take them right now, they'll have to wait for us.

At all times, we have the option to say 'no' to a placement. With that said, we have thought and prayed about it all weekend. At times we looked at each other and said, "there is no way we are ready to take 2 kids at 2 different life stages! We've never been parents before...this is way over our head." Other times we looked at each other and said "how can we say no? We want to be parents. God has been a God of the curve ball all year so far. Our plans may not be God's plans" Lord give us wisdom! Seriously.

As of this morning, we have decided we will take these precious babies. I can't imagine why someone would want to give up their baby and toddler but we are grateful for the opportunity to be parents. Now things can always change between now and when we have our license in hand. The parents may change their mind, someone else may come along to can take the babies sooner then we can...we don't know. We do know that if they are still available when we have our license, we will welcome them into our home as our kids as long as the Lord will allow.

If I think about it too much the overwhelming thoughts flood in. I know if the Lord wants this to happen, He will give us the strength and wisdom to do this. We will have to be wholly dependent on the Lord for this. Most of the time we wouldn't have this much time to think about it but since our license hasn't come yet, we are grateful we had a weekend to make a decision.

Hopefully I'll get more information tomorrow and can start preparing accordingly. I want to let you know that it is our desire to keep any foster or adopted kids' story just for them. We have read from several expert in the fields that it's best not to share your kid's story with the anyone but the child so they have a sense of ownership of who they are and where they came from. So with that said, I'll share with you what I can but there are many questions you will have that I won't be able to answer for that reason. When any of our kids are old enough, they can share what they wish with whoever they want but we want them to have that ownership.

We would covet your prayers as we prepare and wait. It could potentially be a long week or two now that we know there are 2 precious kids waiting for us to get our license.


Lori Motl said...

I am in awe! We are here to help with whatever we can. I'd be happy to help gather clothes for you if you can let me know ages and sizes when the time comes.

Monica said...

Amazing. Yes, the Lord does work in his own way. sigh. I'll continue to pray for you...and for you to be able to discern His will. Now, lunch....soon....before you can't leave the house. ;)

Barry Family said...

WOW!!! I am sooo excited for you!! Call me for anything...seriously!!

Kelly in Big D said...

Oh my goodness!!! So so so exciting!! Praying that your license gets to you FAST! Hugs hugs hugs - can't wait to visit on Monday!