Friday, July 18, 2008

Paid in Full

This week has flown by SO fast and I've been so grateful since Chase is gone playing soldier in Oklahoma. This blog post actually begins last Thursday morning. Chase was leaving that morning so we got up extremely early so we could have breakfast together before he left. We ended up going to Denny's at 5AM! Yawn. We said a prayer before our meal and tried to have a decent conversation in between our yawns. When Chase got up to pay, the middle aged, southern waitress said, "well darlin' your meal has been paid for!" Are you serious? Who? Chase was in his uniform so we thought that a patriotic kind soul wanted to thank Chase for his service. We were both a little shocked and very grateful.

Fast forward exactly one week to yesterday. My mom and I were picking up a Burmese pastor and his wife from the airport and took them out to dinner at a Chinese Buffet. They are speaking at our ministry today and in meetings with our leadership. Anyway, before dinner, the pastor said a prayer before we all perused the buffet tables. It had been a LONG time since I've been to a Chinese Buffet, and I really enjoyed it. They had a great fruit selection which I totally took advantage of. We had a great meal and time of fellowship. When it was time to pay, the waitress came over and handed me a note that read, "Thank you. God bless you." and the check that had a 'paid in full' stamp on it. She said that someone who left before us paid for our meal... Wow.

Ok Lord, what do you want me to take away from this? It's been my question since last night. On my way to work this morning I was reflecting on the words 'paid in full.' The Lord reminded me this morning that I've been paid in full! Jesus paid for my sins before I had a chance to. The Lord truly knows how to give good gifts that come will great lessons. This was such a sweet reminder of the grace I've received for reasons that are so unfathomable to our human limitations. Thank you Lord.

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