Friday, May 1, 2009


Yesterday we got an email from MCH saying they have not heard anything more on the kiddos. They were suppose to get a fax on Monday with all their info but the fax never came. They said "sometimes this just happens. We won't hear back from a caseworker ever again or sometimes they call back a week later." Hum..... I'm sure glad the Lord knows what is going on because we sure don't. We are bummed but still a little hopeful. It seems our married life has revolved around unknowns, why should this be any different?

We go in on Monday to finish up the class that will complete our license so maybe we'll find out more info then. This journey to parenthood is turning out to be quite the adventure!

On a very exciting note, we ordered a Nikon D90 and it should arrive today! We have been saving for a while and really wanted to get it before we have kids. We choose the D90 over a Cannon because it has HD video on it! Chase has been taking a photography class online so he's getting photography-lingo savvy.


James Kanka said...

The D90's great but before you open the package I recommend taking a look at the brand new Canon Rebel T1i. Cheaper and shoots better video... Besides, Canon is better.

Lori Motl said...

That is so cool that Chase is taking a class. Where is he taking it. The photographer in me needs details!

I hope you find out something soon. Life is an adventure isn't it? We never know where we are going to end up!

Hugs to you both!