Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sound Asleep

Whew! What a day. First let me apologize if you called or texted me today and I did not return the call or text. The phone was ringing off the hook which was such a blessing knowing people care and love us but we weren't able to answer many of the phone calls with everything going on. It's crazy to think that we woke up this morning with no kids and we're going to bed with 2 toddlers sound asleep in our apartment. Welcome to parenthood!

We spoke the their caseworker for quite a while learning more details of their history and personalities. We found out the story we told when they asked us to take them was not accurate on several accounts. The girls are a lot younger than we were told and we'll most likely have them longer than anticipated...which we don't mind at all! They are so beautiful! I wish I could post a picture of them.

Today went pretty smooth with the older sister...we'll call her Miss M (her name does not start with an 'M' but I need some sort of initial!) She is adjusting really well so far. I'm just nervous this is a 'honeymoon' stage and she'll wake up in a couple days and act like a different girl. The younger girl (we'll call her Miss Z) had some rough moments but we got through them.

Tomorrow night we have an event. Mom is coming over to watch the girls which is such a big help. I hope they do ok with yet another transition as hub and I come and go as we set up.

Thanks for all your prayers and support as we all adjust. It seriously means the world to us!


Kim said...

God is so good!!

They really are beautiful and sweet little girls. It was so sweet when Miss Z (who is just beyond toddling) ran into Chase's arms and gave him a big hug when he was sitting on the floor. Praying that the Lord will bless all of you during this time. Praying that the girls will begin to understand the love of Jesus while they are with you. See you again tonight.

Lindsay said...

Can't WAIT to meet them! So glad you have kiddos in your house!

ashley said...

I'm so excited for you guys. And I'm glad, too, that you two have kiddos in your house. What wonderful parents you will both be! Those girls will feel so loved! Let me know when we can visit!

Love you guys!

Monica said...

As soon as we put water back in our pool, I propose a play date. Nik will even help play with them. She's GREAT with kids!

Lori Motl said...

We are so excited for you both, but even more so for these sweet little ones who have been blessed to be placed in your care! We'll be in town in a couple of weeks. Maybe we can see you then.