Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wild and Crazy

The last two days have gone pretty well. We are all (and I mean ALL...especially our dog Jackson) still adjusting. Miss M had her first big tantrum today. She had to sit in the 'think about it' chair for about 10 minutes. She determines how long she stays there. When she is ready to tell us what she did wrong and how to do it right she can get off the chair. We've been constantly learning about respect. We respect toys, dogs, couches, and especially people. This includes what we say, how we say it, and how we care for those things.

I think Miss Z may have an ear infection...not sure though. She keeps touching her ears and rubbing them. I'm not looking forward to visiting the doctor because I've heard everything with Medicaid takes longer.

So here are a couple of my thoughts on parenting:
-Momma's of 2 or more toddlers are excused from working out in a gym because your working out ALL day. We've got cardio, chasing the girls in the park and dancing, and plenty of weight building, picking them up and rocking them to sleep (we don't have a rocker so this is done manually).

-My house will never be clean again! The only time to clean is during nap time but that time is also used for cooking dinner and maybe squeaking a nap in myself.

-The girls SQUEAL with delight when hub comes home! They race to see who can get around his neck first. It is soooooo sweet! I need to get it on camera soon.

-I LOVE seeing them in the morning. I can't wait to wake them up! Miss Z has the biggest smile on her face and does a little panting thing which is so adorable.

-My apartment just shrank a ton! Something about adding 2 little girls made it shrink overnight. We like to spend a lot of time outside at the park and pool. They love to run and run in the part. It's definitely a 2 man job though so I've had a couple residents who stay home come out with us.

Oh goodness, got to run...they both just woke up SCREAMING!


Kelly in Big D said...

AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sounds like MY days!! Such fun, though. Especially when they wake up all sleepy and snuggly. Sounds like you're doing an amazing job. If it makes you feel any better, my sweet boys do all those same things, and they've been living with us for YEARS! Hugs hugs hugs and love to y'all!

Lindsay said...

Love it! Keep up the good work friend!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know about Texas, but here nothing takes longer with medicaid. It takes a long time to GET medicaid, but so long as they already have it, it shouldn't be a hassle at all. Just make sure to tell the insurance who you've chosen as a pediatrician.