Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Oh how I wish I could post some pics of the girls on here. They are on their 3rd bowl, each!, of oatmeal. They can't get enough of this stuff. They'd rather have oatmeal than Cheerios...I don't think I have normal toddlers in my home. Miss Z has gotten 2 bowls in her mouth and the other bowl she is wearing...and it is so stinkin cute!

We've already had a big morning in our home. Miss M finally used the toilet for the first time, it was very exciting. She got to wear her big girl undies until she wet them...now it's back to the diaper until she tinkles in the toilet again.

....ok so I just gave Miss Z her 4th bowl of oatmeal!....This little thing can EAT!

We are still getting adjusted to this thing called parenting. It's been hard to jump into it like we have but the Lord has given us the strength and patience we need. We keep learning as much as we can about child development and how trauma, neglect, and abuse, play a role in their development. This has helped us with compassion when we have a 3 hour meltdown!!! Or when she damages our home on purpose....They are nasty meltdowns. These meltdowns make me so sad because I know she is just acting out of fear from rough past. If you and I had gone through everything these little girls have gone through we'd have nasty meltdowns too!

We have had the girls 3 weeks now and I've already made 3 trips to the doctor. Miss Z's ear infection hasn't gone away even though we have finished her antibiotics so it's onto even stronger antibiotics...ugh. Miss M has a horrible diaper rash that started spreading to her legs. Turns out its a bacterial infection, which means more antibiotics. Can you tell I'm not a fan of antibiotics?

Miss M is now calling me mommy and she calls hubby by his first name. She started off calling me Liz, then it turned to momma Liz, and now its mommy.

We are able to get through several books with Miss M. We read 'You are Special' by Max Lucado a lot so she frequently asks us "I am special?" to which we reply, "Oh Miss M, you are so special. You are special to us but you are even more special to God."

Oh another improvement is that Miss M stayed in children's church the entire time this past week! We were so grateful for that!

Okay so those are some of the updates. It's a little harder to blog with everything that is going on right now but I'll do my best to do at least a once a week post with updates. So much more happens in a week with them around!


Lindsay said...

fun update! love the little stories!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz!

This is Brittany from Wildwood 2003. I love reading your blogs. thank you for being so real and honest. You are very inspiring and encouraging. I am praying for your family...

Claire said...

Wow! I hadn't read your blog in a while, and was confused when I looked at facebook, but now I'm caught up! You are amazing and have such strength from God. We will be in Tx in August (for seminar, are you going?) and also for Micah's 1st birthday party, so you're ALL invited to the craziness! If you can't make it (it's Sunday Aug. 9th) we'll get together and I'll get some toddler advice from you!