Saturday, June 13, 2009

We have a winner!

Thanks for posting your highlights of the year! They were really fun and encouraging to read. I took all your comments and put them in bowl, closed my eyes, and grabbed one. Our winner of either the Starbucks or Sonic gift card is..... my sister, Grace!

Can family be apart of the prize winnings?? lol My highlight was definitely WILDWOOD! I learned so much in that little town and met some of the greatest people there. Spiritually I grew a lot and became even more confident in Christ! Woohoo!

Grace works at Starbucks so we'll see what she chooses!

1 comment:

gracechristine22 said...

Yay!! it bad that I choose Starbucks??
Ya, I get enough of it for free, but then there are those days when I don't work :)

Love you and thanks!!

PS, if you want to do this again I will donate a pound of coffee to the cause!